A collection of old and antique radios and test equipment

Most of the items described and illustrated on these pages have been sold by auction.

Until recenty (2022) I had been collecting old radios, electrical and electronic test equipment. Three or four of the items shown and described on this site belonged to my father who was a Radio Ham, others have been given to me by family members some have been bought at junk shops but many have been given to me by owners who had no further use for them but would like them cared for and remembered rather than consigning them to a skip.

Although I now have very few of the items shown on the following pages I intend to keep the site online for the time being as it has proved to be a valuable resource for other collectors.


Please help me with the identification or provide me with information about the radios and pieces of test equipment. As you will see several people have provided useful information concerning some of the items, if you have any suggestions or observations please let me know and I will update the pages appropriately.

I still have a number of old electrical and electronic engineering books, one of which is a 3rd edition 1916 of "An Elementary Manual of Radiotelegraphy and Radiotelephony by J A Fleming who, more than 100 years ago produced the first Fleming valve. (see picture on right)

Unlike the websites of some other collectors you will be able to see what is inside many of the vintage and antique radios and pieces of test equipment.

The navigation system includes thumbnails which I hope are big enough to get a general impression of the various items in my collection. Please click on those that interest you for further information. This will bring you to a page with a more detailed description and sometimes showing the interior, schematic diagram, a price guide, historical information and links to other websites. Use your Browser Back button to go back and click on another thumbnail. You could use the Google search box on this page to find all the references on my site for a particular item. (type "cossor" to see what happens.

Some of my radios appeared in a BBC4 TV programme "Gagging for It: TV's Hunger for Radio" in 2007. You can also see some on one of the Guardian web pages.

My Regency TR1-G featured on a Channel 4 programme "Stephen Fry's 100 Greatest Gadgets" in August 2011. It exceeded my expectations and came in at number 12. The programme was shown again in April 2012.

In September 2014 I was interviewed by Mike Hicks for a short piece which was broadcast on Mustard TV (a local TV station) and in June 2015 answered questions on Radio Norfolk. In January last year I was interviewed again by Mike Hicks fo Radio Norfolk and this time some of my radios were heard "on air".

Some of my collection of AVO and Evershed and Vignoles instruments were lent to MEGGER for a display during their Open Day to celebrate their 50th year in Dover in November 2016.

This site was first created in February 2001 and was last updated on 28th April 2024. Most of the pages on the site are more readily viewable on a mobile phone or small screen device. 


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