Some of the nice things people have said in the past year or so

I was very interested to see the information on the Mullard 4140 on your website. And congratulations on a very interesting web site - I've been visiting it on and off for years.

Hi, just reading your Radio Page, you have a great collection, compliments! I was looking in the hope of seeing my first trannie, bought in 1969/70 ? I don't know the name but I'd recognise it instantly if I saw it. Unfortunately it's not in your collection.

I have just spent a while clicking around your site and enjoying the memories it provokes.

Please keep up and enjoy your collection. Your web site sharing the pictures and info is much appreciated.

Just stumbled upon your interesting website and thought you might like the file attached. Cheers from an old electronics technician.

HI, thanks again, that info is quite helpful!

I saw your website after I Googled Hacker Sovereign and was impressed with your dedication to old radios.

First up thank you for a very informative website which has answered a number of questions for me.

Thanks for making all your great gear available through your website.

I very much appreciate your website and collection of pictures.

I found your excellent site when searching for information on a Sullivan capacitor.

Congratulations for your site!!!

I just wanted to say what a fantastic site you have full of information. I especially liked the AVO8 page it was very inspiring, so I decided to get mine out of my shed to see if it still worked.

I decided to write to you after going through your website where I enjoyed seeing your Tandberg Stereo Receiver TR 200.

Saw you web site, very interesting.

Can you help me please, you have a very nice site.

Great site, found via Google 'Defiant Radio'.

A very interesting site of yours.

Hi, first of all, thank you for a fascinating site and useful site. I found simply by searching 'old radios' on Google.

I like your website. It reminds me of some of the equipment I used to use in the 60's when in REME workshops.

I googled "old electrical test equipment " and up came your website. That's some collection you have - you must have plenty of space and patience!

Hi Richard , great website !!

I came a across your site after searching for info on a megger that i recently purchased from a 2nd hand shop at Port Fairy here in Aus.

Hello there, great collection by the way!

Great collections.Let God give you Healthy and long life to continue in this great activity.

I have followed your very interesting page for some time now, and thought I would send you some pics of my megger.

Have just been looking at the richardsradios site - what a huge amount of work and time it represents! Very impressive.


Once again great collection you have there and I look forward to hearing from you,

I've  just been admiring the content of your pages, the depth, range and content of which is amazing. The number of manufacturers and the variety of the products they offered is astounding. This is more than borne out by your presentation. Although I'm in total admiration, I don't envy your task of maintaining the condition and presentation of your collection.

Enjoy repairing great audio of the past and present your site is off great value certainly appreciate your time and effort hopefully many young men and women will also check it out and continue a great hobby or great  occupation will help many solve problems with their restorations in the future . Thanks and Merry Christmas from Canada

Firstly I would like to thank you for a superb web page,  a black hole that I have spent many an hour drooling over old memories.

I have enjoyed viewing your site as it is more readable than other technical orientated sites.

A great collection there. Whilst I have restored quite a few old sets to good working order in the past back when AM listening was still viable I am less enthusiastic nowadays about reviving radios that will see little use (apart from perhaps cricket fans).

Just wanted to feedback that I was very impressed with your collection and I congratulate you on your foresight to collect and share.  Most appreciated. (Canberra Australia)

Your information was very helpful and interesting and it was such a thrill to see another Cameo ABX.
I came across your excellent interesting site by "googling Pye  T19D"

Compliments to your website and variety of radios!  Impressive! (Cape Town, South Africa)

Just a quick note to thank you for your AVO meter page. It would have taken a considerable time to catalogue all that information.
I just wanted to say thank you for your excellent website. I have just purchased an AVO 8 Mk 3 and found the information on your site very useful.

I just thought I would drop a quick  e mail to thank you for a great site.

I googled testgear acton ltd  and your website came up it was nice to get some info on this as I have the same model,
found your website after searching for "AVOMINOR" on Google and read about the multimeter with interest. PS great website, really informative! (Perth Australia)

Very Interesting site. Found you while searching Defiant MSH 555.

How wonderful to leaf through your web site, you have some wonderful radios.

I am very impressed with the pages you have produced for my radios and the information you have printed about them also quoting my notes to you. I am so glad I discovered your website.

First and foremost my compliments on your wonder website.(New Hampshire USA)

A truly amazing /interesting and very helpful web site. Thanks to you I know now how to fix the Ferguson radio of its annoying hum.
I am very grateful for all the time and help you are giving and it would be very nice to meet you and your wife and see your collection.

I was very interested to find your website and quite excited to read your page about yourself, especially the bit about living in Norfolk.

I have never done this before, but wanted to say what a great site. I was looking for images of the Playmate, and there it was. Thanks for brightening up my day with some great memories prompted by your site.

What a fantastic site. I stumbled across your site looking for a circuit diagram. After looking at the proverbial gold mine of really useful info on Avo's I took a look at your homepage and I must have been sat on my sofa with my mouth wide open when I saw your section on old Valve Radios. All of the excellent information you have kindly shared with the world will be very much use by me when I come to restore my collection.Thank you so very much for sharing your information and knowledge\.

Old things are more than inanimate - they tell stories. Your great site shows you think the same hence this message.

Congratulations on your very informative site. Also on your collection.

Congrats on your fantastic collection. I only browsed through a few objects so far but I am sure I can spend hours in future. Keep up the good work as like you say few people appreciate what went behind creating  past technology before the age of calculators or computers. Unfortunately we live in a throw away society which is engulfing us in mountains of toxic waste.

Found your informative site searching for battery information for Avo Mk 7.

Thank you for posting your wonderful collection. There are some real beauties in there. I am a sucker for any old instruments, so it was an hour or so of very pleasant browsing.

I came across your web page recently which prompted me to dig this out of the loft where it's been since the wife said it didn't match anything 25 years ago !! It fired up and apart from limited aerial access worked beautifully.