Links to some of the sites I have found useful

(not in any particular order, you will find others on other pages throughout the site.)

Technical books to download

Another list of Vintage Radio Sites (UK)

Three more lists
here, here and here

Vintage Radio & Audio Components for sale:

If you don't know what wood your cabinet is made from you may be able to match it from the colour photographs shown here:

A Dutch site with service documentation, photos and details of many radios and television sets: (see vade mecum)

Cleaning metal surfaces and restoring patina some tips and ideas you might find helpful

Here are a few others that I have found interesting and useful:

American site with vintage and antique Radios,tube substitution data, schematics etc.

References, tips etc:

Wires and cable for sale

Loudspeaker cloth excellent reproduction cloth, good service

Radios for sale and restoration, things to make, repairs and restoration service and spare parts.

Great site with loads of pages and pictures including 18000 schematics of mainly european radios."

You want to buy a telephone? Need parts for one? Here are two sites which you should look at. Every telephone sold has been taken apart, professionally cleaned,restored and fully tested.

History of the Mobile Phone
A site dedicated to the past, present and future of mobile phone technology.

History of the car radio
A site dedicated to the past, present and future of the car radio with lots of uesful information and links. This site was found by Nicole one of the young members Lyndhurst STEM club which found the information on this page led them to some great information on old time radio to incorporate into their lessons.

History of engineering comprehensive source of information from the start of the Industrial Revolution to the 1960s.

If you want to know more about Cossor radios look at this great site:

Service Data etc. UK Vintage Radio and Television Service Data have been selling vintage radio service data online since 1998. Service Data Instant Downloads cost just �1.99 per item. You will be able to download your service data as soon as your payment has cleared. The range was vastly expanded to include vintage television service data, more radio data and USB memory sticks in December 2020.

Discussion forums Want to know something, want spare parts? Try Alan Lord's page Vintage wireless forum and Paul Stenning's page Vintage radio Discussion forum on which you will find a lot of useful information.

Books I can recommend:

"The Setmakers" A history of the UK radio and television industry. BREMA 1991. This has 464 pages of fascinating and useful information of the history, intrigues and personalities of the British radio and television industry, its rise and fall.

"Bakelite Radios"The collectors guide to the style and beauty of the bakelite Radio. 126 pages of colur plates and interesting text. Robert Hawes and Gad Sassower,Eagle Editions Ltd 2002

"Early Wireless"This book by Anthony Constable has 160 pages and 162 diagrams and photos of radios from the very beginning up to 1938. My copy was published in 1980 by Midas Books.

"Radio Radio"This book by Jonathon Hill has 320 pages and 961 diagrams and photos of radios from the very beginning up to 1995. This is the one to buy if you want to identify a particular radio. Third Edition published by Sunrise Press 1996

"The Cat's Whisker"This book also by Jonathon Hill has only 96 pages and 122 diagrams and photos and covers 50 years of wireless design. First published by Oresko Books Ltd 1978.