Evershed and Vignoles circuit testing ohmmeters


Megger circuit testing ohmmeters by Evershed & Vignoles Ltd of London, patented in 1933. Thiey are housed in mottled green coloured, compression moulded, phenol formaldehyde cases. The outer surfaces have faded to a dull brown colour. The battery compartment cover is attached to the body by means of two large metal screws with coin sized slots. Connection to the terminals on the instruments is via holes in the side and the spring loaded buttons visible on the front. Evershed and Vignoles Ltd,Acton Lane Works, Chiswick, London W4.

These are three of many instruments collected by Bob Evans which I have been given by his daughter Alice Kirby. They were very grubby when I received them, two worked and the one shown opened here had an open circuit coil on the meter movement. Although these three are similar at first glance, the ranges covered by one (0-0.3Ω and 0-30Ω) is different to the other two (0-30Ω and 0-300Ω). Also two have three termimals and the other has only two. The fourth image is of a third type (not in my collection) covering 0-100Ω and 0-1000Ω which gives an indication of the original appearance of the first three. You will note that this on is marked A.P.5045 which indicates it woul have been made for the Air Ministry.

These work on the same principle as the Evershed and Vignoles megger insulation testers shown elswhere on this site (see here) but instead of using a hand operated generator a 4.5 Volt battery is used. On the two terminal models (pattern B) a button has to be depressed to bring the battery into circuit. The three terminal model (pattern S) has one special probe which has two connections and houses the push button.

Internally all three instruments are esssentially the same.


The Detector Spike was a useful accessory which could be used with either tester to prevent damage should the conductor be live. It contained a neon indicator which remained in circuit until the spring loaded spike was depressed.  For use with the  3 terminal Pattern S tester a switched adapter was available.