Ultra table radio model FM950

serial number 11403

Outside and inside

Ultra model Troubadour FM950 AC/DC mains operated table radio with VHF FM waveband only 88 to 101 MHz : - Ultra Electric Ltd. London. Date 1957/8

I purchased this at an antique fair in 2013. At some time in the past the main electrolytic capacitor had been inexpertly replaced and needed replacement as did most of the small capacitors. I thought of stuffing the aluminium can with new capacitors but the ones I had would not fit so I resorted to housing them in a paper tube in the same position.  As with all FM sets it works best with an external aerial. Simple construction relies upon the back cover to keep the chassis and front panel in place, though the underside of the printed circuit is less accessible.

The chassis is retained in the case by the back cover