Taylor model 88B Multimeter
s/n 404997

Taylor model 88B s/n 404997

This 20 000 Ohms/Volt range multimeter which has a 37.5 microamp movement is housed in an wooden case with hinged lid. It was also made with a Bakelite case which was available with a leather carrying case. The meter is shunted by a universal shunt to provide a sensitivity of 20 000 Ω/Volt on DC  though the maximum sensitivity on AC voltages is 2 000 Ω/Volt. The 88B is essentially an updated version of the model 88A

Specification and details of ranges


taylor multimeter

View of the interior (battery box on the right)

Peter Ranshaw gave me this multimeter which he felt needed a better home as he didn't see a Taylor 88B listed among my collection. He posted it in an Agfa-Gevaert box which is where he thought it started its career but said it had been been through several owners before retiring, along with him.

Like the AVO model 8 it has a 37.5 microamp movement and has a universal shunt to reduce the sensitivity to 50 microamps. When I first tried it with a 9 volt PP3 it indicated about 12volts rather than 9 so I suspected that the universal shunt might have an open circuit resistor. The meter worked correctly on the current ranges but a tad low (4.8 instead of 5 mid scale) though the DC voltage ranges were adrift. After opening it up and finding an instruction manual at http://raremanualdepository.blogspot.com/ I found that the volt ranges are partially separate from the shunt and that the error must have been caused by a bad contact on one of the switches as the voltage ranges then miraculously worked more or less correctly. Whilst the movement was out I stripped and re-varnished the box and it now looks much more presentable.

Unlike the AVO the meter movement is totally enclosed so calibration and adjustment of the sensitivity is via variable slider resistors of which there are four. I am reluctant to meddle as I guess they must be tweaked in the correct order.

taylor multimeter

The cut out mechanism operates a micro switch the underside of which can be seen reflected in the rear of the scale plate

Batteries Like the AVO model 8  meters the Taylor 88B was made to use a U2 1.5 volt cell and a B121 15 volt battery.

How old is it? Mid 1960s when it would have cost in the region of �26

What is it worth? Maybe �10-�20