Stella radio ST1100

serial number 8A 16080

Valve Radio 200/250 Volt AC/DC 60 Watt long and medium wave. Valve line up UCH81, UBF89, UCL82 and UY85.

I have had this AC/DC radio for a couple of years, it has been dropped at some time and the maroon plastic casing has a crack which has been repaired. I recently learned that the circuitry and construction of this radio are essentially identical to the Cossor Model CR1200U and the Philips Model B2G81U. Having ascertained this I printed out the appropriate "Trader" service sheet no.1523 and got to work on the set.


Underside showing printed circuit

After cleaning the wave change switch contacts and dismantling the volume control to clean the track the set still did not seem to be performing as it should and the replacement of the 0.1 mFd capacitor clipped to the chassis made a marginal improvement.At some time in the past a section of the dropper resistor had failed and been replaced with a 1200 Ohm resistor. The correct value as shown on the Trader sheet is 600 Ohms. With a 660 Ohm resistor the output increased, but not to the level expected.I guess that one or more of the valves need replacing.

Chassis removed from case