Sobell 439 (sobellette)

Sobell 439 fluted brown Bakelite case now housing transistor radio

Originally this case housed a 4-valve(14S7, 12J7, 35L6 and 35Z4) Original price (in 1949) 9. 19. 6. Tax Paid.

Manufacturer's description:

"The Sobellette is a full-power 4-valve superhet with the performance of a standard 5-valve receiver. In Ivory, Ice Blue, Aero Green, Magenta, Peach, Pastel Green, and Walnut. Output 3 watts. Medium and Long wavebands. No aerial or earth needed. The best value in first-class radio with the full Sobell Guarantee of 2 Years Free Maintenance in the Home. Mains: 210/240 volts AC/DC. To sell at 9. 19. 6. Tax Paid. Sobell Radio & Television, Sobell Industries Ltd., Langley Park, Slough, Bucks. Tel: Slough 22201/5."

Though as you can see from this advertisement these were being sold at a discount in 1953