SEI AC/DC Clampmeter

0-200Amps and 0-400Amps

seiclampmeterFairey safety ohmmeter

SEI (salford electrical instruments) based in Salford Lancashire was part of the GEC organisation. This is the firm widely known for manufacturing a rival to the Model 8 AVO multimeter which I have in my collection see here: selectest.html

Fairey safety ohmmeter

This is one of a number of instruments given to me by Alan Honeyball used to work for an ICI manufacturing plant which did have a very well equipped Instrument dept until they were down sizing and he couldn't bare to see some of the equipment thrown away, so he rescued some items, and it was his intention to keep these as items of art but he now felt they needed a better home. He added,"Hopefully I can spread some good will within the community of vintage electrics"