Sanwa Multi tester
Model K-30D

Sanwa Multimeter Model K-30D. This little Japanese manufactured multimeter was in a poor condition when I was given it by Richard Fuller. The metal work in the battery compartment was corroded and the contacts were missing. As can be seen from the picture of the interior a severe short circuit has taken place in the past, but after adjusting the switch and applying switch cleaner I found that the instrument worked on all ranges [though as yet I have not checked the accuracy]. The meter came in a box complete with instruction book and as a bonus a box containing one unused spare switch, three sets of components, four meter movements, two front panels and one rear housing, all brand new and unused.

The the meter movement is incorporated in a plastic housing which also includes receptacles for two AA cells and a PP3 9Volt battery.

Comprehensive Instruction leaflet which includes the circuit diagram and the packaging.

Some of the spare parts