Radiola Model 942A

Serial number 40072

This set was very dirty when acquired and was working, though the volume control and wave change switch were noisy and the tuning indicator was not functioning. It is housed in a brown Bakelite case with valves mounted horizontally and tuning controls etc. mounted on the sides. Valve line up: ECH41, EAF41, EAF41, EL41, AZ41, EM4. The set has 4 wavebands selected by knob (just visible on RH side).  shortwaves16-51m and 83-192m, medium wave 187.5-575m and long wave1150-2000m. There are sockets for pickup and external speaker. Apart from what appears to be a replacement ECH41 the set seemed to have all original components. This is a French manufactured set probably made in 1951. I did find a picture and some details of a model 940 which is similar on

On removing the back cover one sees that the valves, IF cans, electrolytics etc. are mounted directly on the Bakelite housing. The mains transformer is fixed to a plywood base.After some head scratching I realised that the front of the set could be removed by undoing 4 nuts buried deep down. With the aid of a 7mm socket on an extension the front centre portion supporting the speaker and grille could be removed.

The loudspeaker mounted on plywood board and is held in position by 4 screwed rods which project though the main body of the set. The punched metal speaker grille was rusty in places and was touched up with a matching cream and gold paint.

Close up front view of one corner of the radio showing one of the speaker mounting holes.Several capacitors were leaky and were replaced. Where possible the existing glass tube capacitors were emptied and filled with replacements.The EM4 magic eye initially failed to respond to any change in signal even though a variable voltage was getting to the grid. On checking the anodes I found that both 1M resistors were open circuit.

General view of wiring side from front of set after removing the speaker. The HT electrolytics dated 4/51 seemed fine but the 50uF on the output stage bias was leaky, This was emptied and filled with a 47uF replacement.

Label on inside of back cover showing valve placement and Detail of the Radiola badge on centre top front below tuning scale.