Pye model P75

serial number 335639

Pye model P75 AC mains operated table radio with Long and Medium and Short wavebands (1000-2000, 187-567, and 16.3-51.8metres) housed in a veneered wooden cabinet. Valve line up: ECH42, EF41, EBC41, EL41 and EZ41. Not working. First released in 1953 when it cost 15.2s.1d plus purchase tax. What is it worth today? for a working radio in good condition you might reasonably expect to get between 15 and 20.

This is one of three radios given to me by Mrs Vollmer, a friend of Mrs Nightingale the lady who gave me six other radios which belonged to her late husband. As can be seen they were all in a very sorry state and were destined for the tip.

This radio uses a similar set of valves made by Mullard but marked by Cossor as 62TH, 62VP, 62DDT, 67PT and 66KU

I found several faults with this radio:

Open circuit on part of output transformer used for HT smoothing.
Short circuit capacitor in series with tone control.
Two decoupling capacitors needed replacement.
Radio gave distorted and low volume on long and medium wave but not on short.

I discovered that the oscillator was not working on short wave and then started checking voltages only to find that one side of the secondary winding of the mains transformer was open circuit. The set was then put back together and sits beside the other Pye radios. If any one has a transformer or scrap chassis to donate I will spend more time on it and get it working properly.

Rear view

Underside of chassis

Service data and schematic diagram here