Pye model 15A

serial number 0019165

Pye model 15A AC mains operated table radio with Long, Medium and Short wavebands (1100-2100, 195-570, and 15.8-51.3metres) housed in a veneered wooden cabinet. Valve line up: ECH35, EF39, EBL31 and AZ31, although the frequency changer fitted was a Marconiphone equivalent (X61M). The radio is now working after replacing C17 which was completely short circuit and one of the dial lamps. The cabinet, particularly the top had been attacked by woodworm, these holes have been treated and filled with brown filler. A new set of felt feet have been attached to the underside. This model was the first civilian radio produced by Pye after World War 2 and was released in November 1945 when it cost � 15 plus � 3.4s.6d purchase tax.

This is one of six radios which used to belong to the late Mr R M Nightingale given to me by his daughter. Roy Nightingale worked at Cambridge Instruments for many years.

View of interior note the mains energised loudspeaker.