Pifco All-In-One RadioMeter

This little British made (in Manchester) multimeter was in a very grubby condition when I was given it by Adam Russell in 2014. It used to belong to his great uncle who used to repair TVs. The leaking Duracell AA cell which caused the damage to the contacts back cover and  box was dated 1997. The meter has a moving iron movement and is protected by a 80mA fuse seen on the right of the battery compartment below. Part of one of the retaining clips had corroded and I have replaced this with a small piece of copper. Terminals are provided for the instrument to measure 0-6V, 0-240V, 0-30mA and continuity.  The front panel is pierced with holes spaced to suit British 4/5 pin valves so that the continuity of the filaments could be checked. The meter works and is reasonably accurate but the pointer sometimes sticks. I have several other pocket meters HERE one of which was also made in Manchester and I wonder if there was any connection between Pifco and Triangle. Any ideas?

pifco advert

Wireless World advert 1947

There is an advertisement from the Popular Wireless magazine, dated September 1st 1934 for the Pifco All-In-One RadioMeter priced at 12/6 (�0.625) and others here which indicate that it was still for sale in 1949  but priced at 25/- (�1.25). The age of this particular instrument is thus rather difficult to pin down.

PDF file of instruction booklet