Philips B2G25U valve radio

Serial number BA23956

Philips B2G25U cream and grey plastic case with Long and Medium Wavebands 4 Valves (UCH81, UBF89, UCL82, UY85 ) AC/DC Mains. Original price 12. 12s. plus purchase tax. UK 1964

Electrically identical radios were sold under the Stella (ST113U) and Cossor(CR1202U) brand names. These radios were originally fitted with high impedance (800 ohm) loudspeakers which meant that an output impedance matching transformer was not needed and it was claimed this improved the audio quality. A quick look inside reveals that sometimes this was not such a great idea, you will see that the original speaker has been replaced with one of Japanese manufacture and that an output transformer has been retro fitted. Note how the heat from the dropper resistor has deformed the top of the plastic case.As this is an AC/DC set with live chassis the spindles of the wave change and volume are insulated. One knob was missing whe I received it and there was a crack in the bottom of the case. I have now (2016) made replacements for both knobs using the plastic casing of a felt tip pen and two tops from toothpaste tubes. As John Smiths says below it works and quite well at that.

This set was given to me by John Smith in 2013 who says:
"I purchased this radio for my mother for use in her bedroom as she liked to listen to the radio when waking up or cleaning the upstairs of the house.I bought it from the  TV and radio shop where I did my apprenticeship which began in 1964 at Taylor and Pike radio shop Cowbridge, Hertford. The purchase was made around 1966. These radios did suffer with some design faults but this one was OK"