Philips BG 200U/15 valve radio


Philips BG200U/15 ser no.8809 AC/DC table top 3 waveband valve radio housed in painted Bakelite cabinet. Valve lineup UCH42, UF41, UBC41, UL41 and UY41. UK 1950?

I have had this radio for some time, I have not energised it yet as it is clear that the electrolytic capacitor has been leaking and the mains lead has been chafed revealing a bare conductor.

Bakelite rear cover.

Under chassis view.

Price Fixing!

Valve location diagram.

Whilst this radio was manufactured in Britain, almost identical sets were made elsewhere.
I found this description on the web for what appears to be an identical radio and details of a specially designed carrying case for it.

Meyer Rochwerger has a Mullard radio manufactured in Brasil on his website with his permission show a picture here:

This is a 2 waveband model R5305U radio manufactured by Radelsa (Radio Eletricidade SA) for Mullard Brazil. For more information click HERE