Philips Oscilloscope PM3217U

Philips Oscilloscope PM3217U. 50 Mhz Dual channel. Mains or battery operated. 110,127, 220, 240volts AC (50-400 Hz) 30 W or 22-27 Volts DC 1.1 Amp. Display 80mm X 100 mm. The controls and screen are protected with a detachable cover for transport, the handle also serves as a support to tilt and raise the instrument. A leatherette detachable pouch on the top can be used to house the manual test leads etc. Size 335mm x137mm x445mm (excluding handle and controls).

It has both a main and a delayed timebase with provision for alternate timebase displays,comprehensive triggering facilities including peak to peak Auto, DC coupling and TV waveform display.

I believe this instrument dates from about 1982.

This instrument is in regular use. I have the operating manual in English French and German.The English part is 40 pages, so far too long to scan.