Robin model OM210

Digital Lightmeter

The OM 210 lightmeter can measure illuminance levels up lo 20000 lux and is suitable lor measuring lighting levels from oflice environments to sports venues. lt has a data hold facility ond analogue output forconnecting to a chart recorder for monitoring levels over a set time period. This handy little instrumentis powered by a 9Volt PP3 battery.


Accuracy tested by a standard parallel tungsten light of 2854k colour temperature

Range and accuracy:
0-200lux � 5% of reading
0-2000lux � 10% of reading
0-20000lux � 10% of reading � 10digits

output voltage 0-20mV DC

Front and rear views 

Robin Electronics founded in 1980 established a reputation for excellent and reliable products that were manufactured by Kyoritsu. When Robin was acquired by Fluke, the previous Robin UK management team decided to create Kewtech in 2004 in order to manufacture and market quality test equipment specifically designed for the UK market.

This instrument was also marketed by others with different model numbers RY139L and YF1065 as can be seen these seem to be identical apart from th front panel  markings.

RY139L and YF1065

You can download a PDF file of the instructions here and you will find a PDF file of a promotional of the YF1065 leaflet here