Murphy model A252 4 waveband valve radio

serial number 310315


Murphy A122 Table model valve radio 105-250 Volts AC 50-100Hz. This is a conventional superhet covering long, medium and short wavebands, it was first introduced in 1956. It has four wavebands (long, medium, short and FM). Valve line up:6F12, EC92, 6C9, 6C9, 6F18, 6LD12, 6F1, UU9 and EM81. This was given to me by Glyn Jones and was in a sorry state but showed signs of life when first energised. After removing the chassis and giving it a light clean I replaced the dangerously worn mains lead and proceeded to check the capacitors. It was soon apparent that almost all were in need of replacing when tested with a 500Volt megohm meter. Although the radio works nicely on the long, medium and short wavebands the VHF section and the tuning indicator refused to work. I established that a modulated 10.7 MHz signal injected at the output of the VHF tuner produced an audible output which seems to indicate that the oscillator in the tuner was not functioning unfortunately I do not have a spare EC92 or a EM81 so these two aspects perhaps remain to be fixed at some later date. After cleaning the cabinet looked quite presentable so the set was put back together to sit on a shelf.


Back panel

Rear view of radio with back removed

Another view

Underside of chassis showing new mains lead but before capacitor replacement.