McMichael Model 471U

serial number 38913

McMichael Model 471U veneered wood case table top valve radio. Five-valve (including rectifier), four-wave-band super heterodyne receiver. AC/DC mains operated 200/250Volts.  Models 481U, 491U and 476C are electrically similar. Valve line up: CCH35,  EF39,  EBC33,  CL33 and CY3I. The four wavebands provided are Long, Medium and two Short wavebands. One of them being a “Trawler” band (50-170m) and the other covers, 13.5-5Om. The scale panel includes a waveband indicator, and facilities are provided for the connection of an external speaker. First released in December 1946 when it cost �18 10.3, plus �5 19s 7d purchase tax.


Remove the four control knobs (recessed grub screws); withdraw the speaker plug from its socket on the chassis deck; from the underside of the cabinet remove the plywood strip (two countersunk head wood screws); if the two chassis fixing screws (with large metal washers) are now removed, the chassis may be withdrawn from the cabinet. When replacing, do not forget to fit the plywood strip over the chassis-fixing screws

The cabinet was cleaned and treated for woodworm The holes were then filled the inside painted with black water based paint and the outside stripped with "Nitromors" paint stripper and finished with three coats of "Danish oil" applied over a period of several days.