Legg Industries cell tester

Fig. 7027R

cell tester

“ Legg ” Battery Cell Tester Fig. 7027R Fitted with swivel legs, enabling an accurate reading at all angles. The meter is provided with a central negative point, which eliminates necessity to identify the positive pole it incorporates 300 amp resistance between the probes.
Original Price 3 I0s 0d


The firm situated in Wolverhampton  specialised in the manufacture of battery charging equipment and associated products, it was acquired by the battery manufacturer Chloride and was subsequently known as Chloride Legg Ltd.

This is one of a number of instruments given to me by Martin Harrison which belonged to his father who was a a Chartered Electrical Engineer. He collected both old electrical test equipment and due to his name (John Harrison) old clocks. Martin thought his father would have been pleased with his items new home and owner.

It was in pieces and in poor condition when received and I have put it back together, made a new spring for the bulb and given it a clean. I checked the meter against one of my digital meters and found it to be accurate.  It requires 5mA for full scale deflection. i do not have a car battery with exposed cells so am unable to further check its functionality.