Miles Hivolt Meter TVDCM1

Ser No.ME1671

Miles Hivolt Meter TVDCM1 0 -30 kV DC. Manufactured in UK in about 1970. This instrument was a gift from Fred Standley and Sons of Wymondham, Norfolk. It was used by their TV engineer in the days when radios and television sets were repaired.

The steel casing houses a Sangamo Weston 100 microamp moving coil panel meter, a 47000 ohm resistor and a small wire wound variable resistor. These are arranged such that the full scale deflection of the meter when I measured it was 110 microamps. The label on the side of the meter indicates that it should be 1360 ohms though my measurements indicate that it is more like 1170 ohms. The series resistors are housed in the insulating tube which is topped by an aluminium ring and top cap which is hidden by the white plastic hat in the main picture above. I have no way of measuring its accuracy, though I have measured the the resistance tube with my Pye 11800 High Resistance test set and found it to be 300 megohms. The resistance as measured with this instrument may well be different to that when 30kV is applied.

Miles Hivolt Ltd. was part of the The Miles Group which was originally part of the Miles Aircraft Company. Miles Hivolt were based in Old Shoreham Road, Shoreham-by-Sea, Sussex BN4 5FL, UK