Hacker VHF Herald RP37a transistor radio

Serial number 20328

Portable Transistor radio Made by Hacker Radio Ltd, Maidenhead UK. The radio which was kindly given to me by Stephen Trilvas is housed in a blue leatherette covered wooden case and unusually is a VHF only receiver.

This is a high quality single band (88-101 mHz) radio with 13 transistors, treble and bass tone controls, sockets for a tape recorder and external aerial, automatic frequency control and inter station muting buttons. This radio is normally powered by two 9 volt PP9 batteries in series though as can be seen this one came with a power supply.

I understand that this model was first produced in 1969 but the date codes on two of the electrolytic capacitors indicate that they were made in 1967.

View of interior

Note the substantial loudspeaker and the two 9 volt batteries.

Interior of 9/18 volt power supply

"Adaptavolt model 918" manufactured by TRC providing 9 and 18 volts at 20 to 70 mA. The two core cable to the battery terminals in the radio is terminated with a multi pin DIN connector.

Found inside.

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