Theodor Horn multimeter Nr.241118 


UKA9 Nr.241118 Multimeter Black Bakelite 3300 mirror scale in felt lined leatherette covered wood box. AC/DC ten ranges 3/12/60/300/600V and .012/.06/.3/1.2/6A As can be seen I have had to replace some of the resistors as the wire wound originals had gone open circuit, the rectifier was also replaced with a copper oxide one from a scrap meter. The toggle switch was making intermittent contact but now works well after cleaning and reassembling. The meter works on all ranges and is reasonably accurate.  Made by Theodor Horn of Leipzig Germany 1943? This meter aquired by my father was given to me back in the 1950s. I don't know for sure but I imagine it came from the same souce as the E52b communications receiver also on this site.

I have traced out the circuit diagram:

This is the trade mark which is on the scale plate. I am indebted to Henk van der Meij for identifying the manufacturer


In June 2014 I received these pictures of an ohmmeter which has many similar constructional similarities but it would seem from a different manufacturer as the works in Leipzig was demolished in 1945. Production resumed after the war firstly for the Americans and then the Russians. for details see :  A pencilled date indicates that it may have been made (or calibrated) in 1947.