Ferranti Model 505 valve radio 

Ferranti Model 505 two waveband table radio - MW (190m-570m), LW (1000m-2000m) It operates on a 200-250 Volt 40-100 Hz AC/DC supply and consumes 50 Watts at 230 Volts AC. The valve line-up - UCH42, UF41, UBC41, UL41, UY41. The loudspeaker is of Ferranti manufacture and has an energising coil in series with the HT acting as part or the smoothing filter. One of the electrolytic capacitors is dated Jan 1952. When first produced it cost 17.17s. UK 1952/3

This is one of three radios which belonged to Paul Ogden who never got round to fixing them. When I received it the radio was in poor physical condition but was working. The scale markings on the glass had been washed away, the cream paint was badly damaged exposing the brown Bakelite in many places and when I tried to tune the radio I broke the dial cord as the tuning capacitor had seized solid over most of the range. The grease in the variable capacitor bearings was washed out with white spirit and re lubricated  and the dial cord replaced. The loudspeaker grille cloth has been washed, dried and glued back in place, the back cover was removed and washed and allowed to dry over a couple of days between newspaper under a very heavy weight. I touched up the scratches in the paintwork and the following day completely brush coated the case with a satin oil based paint.

Surprisingly I found that all the components below chassis appeared to be original and did not need replacement. I discovered by researching the internet a picture of a similar model so was able to  print a paper scale which I glued to the plate behind the glass.