Pye Fenman

Serial number 993391

Pye Fenman I Valve Radio

This radio is is in a poor state and had not been energised or restored it was purchased as part of an auction lot in 2004. It has  MW, LW, VHF Wavebands. Valve lineup - ECC85, ECH81, EF85, EABC80, EL84, EZ80, EM80 manufactured in UK 1956/7. Sadly these radios are probably only worth about 10

In October 2014 I took it down from the shelf and after a few capacitor replacements  found that it performed quite well. The wood case was in a poor condition, a previous owner had allowed a tin of cream coloured paint to spill over the left hand side and when this was removed the underlying cellulose finish also came away. The set looked worse than the picture above may lead you to believe.  Complete removal of the surface finish using scraper an paint remover and refinishing with Danish Oil and beeswax furniture polish seemed to be in order [see below].

Underside of chassis (arrows indicate the components which have been replaced)

Front view of cabinet after stripping and refinishing with Danish Oil and beeswax furniture polish.