EKCO portable radio MBP99

 s/n 30342


Ekco MBP99 "Stroller" model B 4 valve portable universal mains or battery operated radio LW MW and SW. There were two versions of this radio, model A (the earlier version of which about 5000 were made) had a frame aerial with two windings and model B which had three. Original valve lineup DK91, DF91, DAF91, DL94 plus half wave metal rectifier

The MBP99 was introduced in 1949 and cost 16.7s.11d including batteries but excluding purchase tax.

I was given this radio by Andrew Wylie in 2002. It has an imitation cream 'snake skin' finish and works well. It has been repaired by the previous owner who has replaced capacitors, mains lead and speaker grille. The original speaker grille was made of plastic and has been distorted, presumably because it had been placed too near an electric fire. I wonder if I can with prudent use of heat return it to its original state?