Ekco Table Radio Model U243

Serial number 10270

Ekco Model U243 Table top seven valve (including tuning indicator and rectifier) radio. It covers the medium and long wavebands as well as VHF FM 87-100 MHz waveband. Valve lineup UCC85, UCH81, UF85, UABC80, UL41, UY41, and DM70. Made in Southend on Sea, UK 1955

The radio took quite a long time to warm up but then demonstrated that it was functioning nicely on all three wavebands. The only problems seemed to be that the volume control was noisy, the tuning mechanism was rather stiff and the tuning indicator failed to dim as stations were tuned in. A small hole was drilled into the volume control and a squirt of switch cleaner was injected,and a few drops of oil to the various moving parts solved the first two problems. The DC voltage on the grid of the tuning indicator varied as stations were tuned in, but not sufficiently for the fluorescent image to dim. Checking the voltage on the anode of the UF85 revealed that this valve was not drawing the current it should. When I tested it on my AVO valve tester the diagnosis was clear, the mA/V was way below the test figure. I did not have a spare so the valve was returned to the chassis and the set was re-assembled. I have not found the need to replace any of the components but I did note that the inductor in the smoothing circuit had been replaced at some time in the past. The electrolytic smoothing capacitor is dated August 1955.

rear view with cover in place

The chassis after blowing away the dust.

The underside of chassis as received was clean and free of dust.

This is one of a number of radios which belonged to the late Ron Griffiths which were given to me by his widow in 2013. Ron was was an engineer, working for himself and making parts for other firms. He made some items for the Pastorelli firm - brass cases for surveying equipment that is used in tropical climates - and also brass parts for Cambridge Instruments.