Blaupunkt "Nizza" Type 21200

serial Nr.E136518

Table top valve radio Made by Blaupunkt in Germany. The radio which was kindly given to me by Stephen Trilvas.
I understand that this model was first produced in 1961 though Blaupunkt used the name "Nizza" on several models with a similar valve line up from 1954 onwards.
This is a well made AM/FM radio housed in highly polished wooden cabinet (520x340x220 mm) It has one main loudspeaker and two smaller high frequency ones mounted on the sides. The valve lineup is as follows: ECC85, ECH81, EF89, EABC80, ELL80, EM87 and solid state rectifier B250C100; the dial lamp is 7Volt 0.3Amp,

View of interior

Note the three loudspeakers the printed circuit board

View of underside of the printed circuit board and rotating ferrite aerial.

How much is it worth? �20-�25.