Baldwin Instrument Company
Apparatus Testing Condenser Electrolytic Type 2

ser no 062

Baldwin Electrolytic Capacitor Testing Set This is one of many instruments collected by Bob Evans which I have been given by his daughter Alice Kirby

It has a 10 milliamp meter which is normally shunted to monitor the charging current and terminals for the connection of an external galvanometer to monitor the discharging voltage. I don't know the significance of the MKlll and MKlV terminals. Date 1944. Dismantled, parts used for other projects.


Baldwin Instrument Co of Dartford, Kent, UK started in 1937 and was acquired by Elliott Automation in 1963, which had similar areas of operation, nucleonic instrumentation and fluid power equipment. The advertisement from 1948 gives and idea of the kind of instruments they were making.

How much is it worth? Instruments such as this are of little use today and not many people seem interested in them. Expect to pay £5