Roberts R300

serial number 18550

Roberts R300 Long and medium wave portable transistor radio utilising PP9 9 volt battery with press stud connectors. Six transistors: AF117 osc and 2 IF stages, OC81D driver and OC81 push pull output. in regular use, centre knob not original. UK 1964

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Interior note that the PP9 battery is a little larger than the original and that the battery clip has been bent to keep it in place.

This model which sold for �16 when first introduced in 1964 remained in production until 1967. Today good examples of this radio are worth in the region of �20.

Roberts portable radios have a reputation for their high quality. This recently acquired radio was working when I received it but I discovered that one wire in the ferrite coil had been damaged but when this was repaired the set worked as well as the day it was made.

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