Roberts R600

ser no. 63182

Roberts R600 s/n 63182 Long, medium and VHF transistor radio s/n 63182 Long, medium and VHF portable transistor radio utilising PP9 9volt battery with press stud connectors. in regular use, aluminium caps missing from pushbuttons UK 1970

This model which sold for about 24 when first introduced in 1968 remained in production until 1973. Good examples of this radio today are worth in the region of 20 though you might be able to get one for maybe 5. The aluminium caps for the band selector pushbuttons often get lost as do the aluminium caps for the knobs. Unfortunately Roberts Radios do not stock replacements, so for this set I made 3 from the ends of discarded eyeliner holders which happened to be the right diameter.

Roberts Radio Co Ltd was founded by Harry Roberts in 1932. Their portable radios have a reputation for their high quality.

Her Majesty the Queen first purchased a Roberts radio in 1939 for her daughter (Queen Elizabeth II). To-day the firm products still carry the Royal emblem with the words:

"By Appointment Her Majesty the Queen Radio Manufacturers Roberts Radio Co Ltd"