3 Valve Radio

(Home constructed set in professionally made cabinet)

Valve Radio This radio was part of an auction lot and as can be seen from the pictures was in a very poor condition, the wooden cabinet was riddled with woodworm and beyond repair. Otherwise the set appeared to be almost complete apart from the valves. A friend has made me a modern replica of the original cabinet and I have reassembled it after cleaning all the component parts in the same way as it was wired when I purchased it it.

The original cabinet had a post office label indicating that it was originally a two valve receiver. I guess that the original constructor bought a kit of parts including the cabinet to make a two valver and subsequently invested in a loudspeaker and the parts to make it a 3 valve set. As can be seen there is plenty of room within the cabinet to house a HT battery a small accumulator and grid bias battery.

I have made a power supply to operate the set from the mains and with a good aerial the set works very well with my Ormond loudspeaker.

Components after cleaning

Replica cabinet with panel components mounted

How much is it worth? The professionally made cabinet cost £70 so perhaps £100 would be reasonable for a working wireless set of this vintage.