Prinzsound transistor radio

Prinzsound transistor radio Portable transistor radio housed in a black plastic case with wood effect paint finish to sides and speaker grille. It covers the long (145-270 KHz), medium (500-1605 kHz), short (3.7-12 MHz) and FM (87.5-108.5MHz) wavebands selected by pushbuttons. The set can be mains operated or powered by four 1.5Volt cells.The battery and cable storage cover is missing. There is no indication of a manufacturer or country of origin.working

Interior Note that the mains lead which is on the right hand side of this view is directly connected to the step down transformer to the right of the speaker.

I am indebted to Michael Huxley who bought one in the seventies but sold it many years ago for identifying the maker of this radio. He seemed to remember that it was made in Japan, but can't be sure. He thought it a nice radio, the only fault being that the slider controls became very noisy after a few months.

The Prinzsound brand was introduced by The Dixon Group in 1970 with its move into electronics retailing in their stores and later the well known British High Street chain Currys which it took over in 1984. Dixons History