Tandberg TR200

s/n 1404953

Tandberg TR200 This FM stereo radio amplifier used to belong to the late Miss Esme Allan. I have the instruction booklet. Below the push buttons, there is an aluminium flap which when lowered reveals the controls to adjust the preset station frequencies. Nominal output power of the audio section is 2x20 watts into 4 ohms (2x30 watts music power). Working, made by Lindbergh's Radiofabrikk A/S, Kjelsasveien, Oslo Norway. 1973

Rear view Each loudspeaker output has two channels A and B, If the A channel is used for the master speakers the B channel can be used for remote speakers. 7.5 ohm and 300 ohm aerial sockets are on the left and 5 pin DIN sockets are provided for tape recorder, record player and auxiliary inputs.