Baldwin-Dunlop Statigun Mk4

serial no.530916

SEI Clampmeter

This device was used to detect the location and magnitude of electrostatic voltage buildup in industrial processes. This effect can be extremely hazardous and could result in explosions in processes involving fine dust or flammable gases.It uses six AA cells and one D cell to operate what is essentially a valve voltmeter. The valve is enclosed in the barrel and its grid is connected to the electrode shown below. The valve heater cell is housed in the handle. Design based upon that of Dunlop Rubber Company in 1947.

Baldwin industrial Controls, Dartford, Kent. UK 1956

SEI Clampmeter SEI Clampmeter

The detector head has a gravity operated switch,shown here in the closed position

This is one of a number of instruments given to me by Alan Honeyball used to work for an ICI manufacturing plant which did have a very well equipped Instrument department until they were down sizing and he couldn't bare to see some of the equipment thrown away, so he rescued some items, and it was his intention to keep these as items of art but he now felt they needed a better home. He added,"Hopefully I can spread some good will within the community of vintage electrics"