Sonatel [Morphy Richards] CR319 transistor clock radio

Serial number 166138

Sonatel 'Touch-me' model CR319 Bedside transistor clock radio housed in a plastic case with aluminium paint finish. It covers the medium,long and FM wavebands selected by a rear mounted slide switch. The radio and the alarm functions can be operated by two touch sensor pads. The set is mains operated. The receiver portion has one integrated circuit (LM1868N) and three transistors. The clock section has six transistors and one integrated circuit (TMS1943N2L).

Some of the segments of the illuminated display were not working and I have now exchanged this radio for an identical model which displays correctly. Made in Hong Kong. (1982/3) Curiously the mains cable was made by BICC in Great Britain.

Lower section with power supply and clock

Upper section with radio and loudspeaker

Close up of integrated circuit showing date code.

Steve Smith sent me a picture of his apparently identical radio.He says: "I came across your site when looking for information on the clock radio we use daily. I was given it around the New Year by someone who didn't want it any more. As far as I could see it was still working perfectly, so I put it into immediate use as I can never have enough alarm clocks (I normally use four at a time - shift worker!). Anyway the model number of our clock radio is a Morphy Richards CR319. I thought you may find this of interest"