Shure Microphone model 488T

Serial No. 12271

Shure Microphone model 488T This noise cancelling transistorised microphone is designed for clear, crisp, natural voice reproduction combined with a highly effective noise-cancelling function. It is FAA Certified for aircraft application (TSO-C58). The microphone rejects sounds originating at distances over 15 cm (6 inches). This means that engine noise, wind noise, propeller noise, noise from vibrating panels and all other sources are discriminated against. Performance has been optimised in the frequency range of 200 to 4,000 Hz. USA 1989/90.

This is one of several instruments given to me by Deborah Waters, which belonged to her late father. It has required no attention other than cleaning the switch contacts.

Internal view showing the press to talk switch,amplifier and magnetic microphone cartridge.

Rear view showing the FAA certification plate.

Connection diagram

The microphone is intended as a direct replacement for a carbon microphone and the supply voltage [2-30V] and the associated load resistance [ 100 to 2200 ohms] will affect the sensitivity. For more information see here: 488T

Shure produced a model 448A and a model 448B which do not include the amplifier.See here: 488A/B