Sanyo Transistor Radio model 6L-08

Serial No. 502442

Sanyo 6L-08 Long and medium wave table model transistor radio housed in black plastic case with cream fascia with gold trim. Six transistors: 2SA201 osc, 2 IF stages 2SA202 and 2SA203, 2SB187 driver and two 2SB187 push pull output. Sockets for earphone and external aerial. It has a round 4 ohm, 4 inch loudspeaker. This dirty little radio was one of three purchased at auction for 5 in 2012. When it was acquired the exterior was very dirty, the plastic casing was cracked and the inside full of dust. The good news was that the radio burst into life when energised with a set of four 1.5 Volt D cells. Sanyo Electric Co. Ltd.; Moriguchi (Osaka) 1961

Inside view