Sanyo Transistor Radio model 6L-P4N

Sanyo model 6L-P4N Pink and cream plastic cased 6 transistor radio complete with leather carrying case and instruction leaflet. Powered by 4 type AA cells. This is one of several radios which used to belong to the late Miss Esme Allan. working Japan 1962

This is one of the earliest Sanyo Transistor radios sold in the UK. When new it cost 13.1s.8d plus 3.18.4d purchase tax. ( 17.0s.0d total). The first numeral of the model number indicates the number of transistors in the circuit and the letter L indicates that it includes a Long waveband. A letter S would indicate that the radio included a short waveband. A letter F indicates the inclusion of an FM (VHF) waveband and no letter in this position would indicate that it was a medium waveband set only.

The four AA cells are housed in a battery holder. When I first energised the radio it was completely silent but I found that with earphones plugged into the appropriate jack the set was working perfectly on both long and medium wavebands. As the case is packed tight, there is very little room to get at the components so I had to remove the circuit board to get to the earpiece jack whose shorting contact I suspected was faulty. There was nothing wrong there but the speaker itself was open circuit. Fortunately the fault lay in a broken conductor on the face of the speaker cone and I was able to solder a thin piece of wire in position to make good the connection.

inside view

Repair to speaker.