Roberts RFM3 FM/AM Battery Portable Radio

Serial number 53858

This little radio was donated to a charity shop. Colin Davies who checks electrical equipment donated says he gets large quantities of stuff that is perfectly OK, but which the shop can't sell because there is no demand for it.

The aluminium cap to the on/off push button was missing so it was deemed to be unfit for sale even though it worked well. This is how, for a small donation, it has joined the other Roberts radios in my collection. I pondered for some time as to how to improve the appearance and hit upon the idea of sacrificing a small single ended low voltage electrolytic capacitor, using a small hacksaw I cut off a small section and glued it in place using an impact adhesive. UK 1990

This radio has three integrated circuits TA 7358P (FM section), TDA 1220B (AM section) and TDA 1904 (Audio) which delivers 1W (TDH 10%) into a 72mm 8 ohm loudspeaker. It is powered by a 9Volt PP9 battery or may be operated from an external supply.