Regentone Battery eliminator


Regentone type W5A 200/50 Volts 40-100 Hz AC Mains

This battery eliminator included in a box of junk was very rusty. Although this one has been modified it has the original transformer, choke, carbon dropper resistors and connections + - SG HML and DET HML on a moulded Bakelite panel.There is also a switch marked LT and HT and a lead for charging an accumulator.

It seems as if the unit was intended to be left switched on and would charge the accumulator when the switch was in the LT position and supply the various HT requirements of the radio when in the HT position.

The transformer has one winding giving 8 volts off load and another tapped winding giving 150 volts with a tapping at 140 volts selected by the insulated screw on the front panel.

Both the transformer and choke are random wound and covered with black insulation tape. As found the unit had been fitted with an additional choke and replacement electrolytics (dated 1946) and a "Sentercel" rectifier.

The following is an excerpt from a trade catalogue dated 1934. This indicates that it is intended to supply 120/150 volts at 20 mA and have the capability of charging 2, 4 or 6 volt accumulators at 0.5 Amp. The retail price was � 3 15s and the trade price was � 2 12s 6d. (a handsome mark up!)

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