Regency TR-1G s/n19775-G



Regency TR-1G s/n19775-G black plastic case and cowhide carrying case. 22.5v battery.5 transistor Medium wave only. This is one of first transistor radios. Indianapolis USA 1954. This little radio belonged to my father who, I presume, was given it to repair, something that neither he or I have managed. There remains part of a label in the leather case which indicates that it belonged to M.J. Foran who lived in Moseley in Surrey.

The TR-1 was manufactured at Regency's plant starting on October 25, after being announced on October 18 , and distributed starting November 1, in 1954 the price was $49.95. Today expect to pay in excess of �200 for the TR-1G in black or more for the rarer colours.

This TR-1G is a slightly later model, the date codes of the components indicate that it was probably made in the first few months of 1956

e.g. 601= wk 1 1956 and 615= wk15 1956

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