Ferguson Radiostar transistor radio

Model 3R16

Ferguson Radiostar model 3R16 Portable transistor radio housed in a black plastic case. It covers 500-1600 kHz on the medium waveband 150-260kHz on the long waveband and 88-104 MHz, selected by pushbuttons on the top. It was equipped with a carrying handle which is now broken. The set is powered by four 1.5 Volt HP7 cells or can be mains operated (250V 50Hz 5W). As can be seen this radio includes an integrated circuit (TBA570A) and only four transistors, two for the FM front end and two for the AF output.

This set which needs attention was made in Taiwan 1983/4 for Thorn EMI.

Interior Note that the mains lead which plugs in to the back panel is directly connected to the adjacent step down transformer.