World Radio 'Playmate' 800T transistor radio

Serial number F.102041

This is one of several radios which used to belong to the late Miss Esme Allan. It is a two waveband seven transistor portable radio first manufactured in late 1963. Apart from being a battery operated portable it was designed to be fitted into a motorcar using a special bracket which I do not have. "Playmate" is a brand name found on many car radios made during the 1950's. These were made by World Radio Ltd, Edgeware Road, Cricklewood, London NW2 under licence from Radiomobile, the UK manufacturers of Motorola radios.It uses Mullard AF117 OC83 and OC71 transistors and should be powered by a 9 volt PP6 battery. I understand that by 1964 the firm had relocated to 950 North Circular Road, London.

I have the operating instruction card and the guarantee registration card.

The radio was energised with a 9 volt PP3 battery (which has the same connection press studs) but it was totally silent. I soon discovered that the shorting contact on the jack for an external speaker was not making contact. When this was bypassed the set sprang to noisy life. The wave change push buttons and the volume control were treated with switch cleaner and the set now works well on both long and medium wavebands.

The covered hole on the left is to provide access to the aerial trimmer which needs to be adjusted when the set is used with a car aerial