Philips Model L3G23T transistor radio

ser no.BY608506

Philips L3G23T Portable transistor radio housed in a wood and plastic case. It covers 500-1600 kHz on the medium waveband and 150-260kHz on the long waveband, selected by pushbuttons on the top. It was equipped with a carrying strap which is now broken. AF117,AF117, OC71, OC81D, OC81, OC81 and OA70S sockets for car aerial, headphones and tape recorder. The set is powered by two PP7 9 Volt batteries. Working, made in Great Britain 1962

I have replaced the strap and fitted a more appropriate tuning knob, a filed down and polished brass coin has been glued in the centre of the the volume control knob.


This is one of a number of radios which belonged to the late Ron Griffiths which were given to me by his widow in 2013. Ron was was an engineer, working for himself and making parts for other firms. He made some items for the Pastorelli firm - brass cases for surveying equipment that is used in tropical climates - and also brass parts for Cambridge Instruments.