Cossor Melody Maker 357 TRF kit Radio


Cossor model 357 TRF kit Radio AC mains LW MW and Pickup. This radio is similar to model 361 but has a different valve line up. The valves fitted in this radio are MSPEN, ACVP1, TT4 and a FW rectifier type unknown. The chassis is copper plated and the upper surface has been sprayed with aluminium paint and is punched with holes which can accommodate 5 pin or 7 pin valve holders. It was used in other models including AC/DC sets without a mains transformer. UK 1935

This is how the radio looked back in 2004 after blowing off most of the dust. Note the underside of the chassis and how the majority of the small components are mounted on a pre-wired board and all the other connections are made to terminals.

The dry electrolytic capacitors had catastrophically failed long ago and had been replaced by two tubular 'RadioSpares' units. These have been removed in the pictures shown above.

This is how it now looks after almost completely dismantling the set, cleaning the component parts, replacing all the rubber insulated wiring and grommets, one resistor and most of the capacitors. The rectangular unit adjacent to the transformer now houses two electrolytics as originally intended. I have made replacement labels as shown below. With a good aerial it picks up many stations and the trimmer (centre knob) on the main tuner improves the selectivity of the radio. It is necessary to adjust all 4 controls to get an optimum signal!

The radio had no back so in the interests of safety I made one from hardboard.

These are replacement labels that I made and details of similar models from a 1936 trade catalogue.

Darren Wilkinson kindly identified the model number this radio for me, he has one in his loft. 21/04/13