Invicta model 8207 transistor radio

Serial number 158354


Invicta model 8207 Four band transistor radio powered by 4 type SP2 cells or from a 240 volt 50Hz supply applied by mating a mains lead with the white plug normally housed in the battery compartment. This is one of two radios given to me by Mr and Mrs Williamson. Both had been residing in a cat basket in an outside shed for several years. working made in Hong Kong

Top view
FM 88-104 MHz, MW 2900-550m, SW 25-75m, LW 1000-2000m.

inside view

Other than a good clean nothing has been done to this eleven transistor radio. It works well on a mains supply. The mains transformer which is completely enclosed in a steel case is attached to the back cover (not shown). However, the transformer can only be de-energised by removing the plug or switching off the supply at source.