Grundig Party Boy 208 Transistor radio


grundig party boy 

Grundig Party Boy 208 (the models 207 and 210 are electronically almost identical)  Housed in a black plastic case with 5 pushbuttons,Long/Medium/VHF. Powered by 9 volt Battery (PP9) or separate 115/220v mains supply. I was given this set in 2017 by David Todd who found his granddad's Party Boy when clearing out his Mother's loft. He thought I might like it, rather than it going to the tip. He advised that the FM was working well, but MW and LW were not and that it maybe useful for parts. I was surprised to find that there was a Grundig model TN4 power supply in the battery compartment as the radio is equipped with a special socket for an external supply which disconnects the internal battery when used with the power sulpply.

grundig party boy
grundig party boy

The problem with the long and medium wavebands was due to a faulty soldered joint. The TN4 power supply contains a transformer, full wave rectifier, diode, resistor and a power transistor but the press stud connectors were missing and replaced with red and black wires. I removed these and glued the connectors shown in the pictures below.


Grundig TN4 9Volt power supply

The following is the text from a 1970's publicity brochure:


Superb sound,
Unbeatable value

In its price class, the Party Boy 208 represents unbeatable value. Its crisp, handsome lines are matched by its amazing performance. Switch on (quick, positive press buttons) and select your waveband-Long or Medium Experiment with the tuning knob-end let the Party Boy’s nine, transistors and five diodes pull in stations you've never heard before. Turn up the volume and the king-size speaker will give you four times the power of other similar priced Sets Now try the Party Boy on VHF pull out the~8-stage telescopic aerie! and tilt it in any direction for crystal clear high-gain reception. Now note these features which make the Party Boy the most versatile radio in its class: connecting sockets for tape recorder, pick- up, earphones. microphone Whats more. the Party Boy can even run off car and boat power supplies. How's all that for a radio costing so little!

Abridged Specification
Batteries: Ever Ready type PP9 or equivalent,
Transistors: 9.
Diodes: 5
Wavebands: VHF (FM) 87-108MHz; MW
588-185m_ LW 2069--l155m_
Output power: 1.5W
Tone control: By press button
Loudspeaker: High-Quality elliptical unit
Aerials: Ferrite rod for MW end LW bands; telescopic for VHF
Connecting sockets: Extension loudspeaker or earphone.
external power supply (6.3-9V), diode
socket for tape recorder/gram PU
Dimensions: 270x180x80 mm approx.
Weight: 4lbs. less batteries approx
Mains power unit: TN 12A (optional extra).
Finish: Black and silver.