Fidelity 208 portable transistor radio
ser no 75749


Fidelity '208' Long and medium wave with band spread for Radio Luxembourg portable seven transistor radio utilising PP9 9 volt battery with press stud connectors. UK 1965 approx

This is one of two radios given to me by Marion Wilkes which she unearthed, whilst trying to clear out items in the house which have been hoarded for years since her parents death.  She wanted to find a good home for them rather than them being consigned to a skip. It came with a 9 Volt power supply and came to life when switched on but the wiper of the volume control was making intermittent contact with the resistive track because the mechanism was loose. As can be seen from the pictures below the volume and tone controls together with their associated transistors and components are mounted on two small daughter boards mounted at right angles to the main printed circuit board. To fix the volume control it was necessary to unsolder the six connections to the board as well as the five for the switched potentiometer - a bit of a struggle. Fortunately after squeezing it in a vice with a small spacer to protect the lugs and dosing with switch cleaner it was again serviceable. The manufacturer had thoughtfully provided holes through wich wires could pass to make connection which could bypass those broken during disassembly. Before placing the speaker and printed circuit back in place the plastic housing was washed and and the speaker grille scrubbed with a nail brush.

This radio has three AF117 transistors on the main board which are prone to problems but touch wood these are OK [for now!]

Inside view

Rear view

Component side of board and speaker

Daughter board with the volume control circuitry -note the six bridging wires
The set is now working well